Sandon Gardens

Milner Road, Heswall


  Fitted kitchen


  Lift access

  Onsite parking

  Central location

  Transport links


Stylish Sandon Gardens brings modern apartment living to the heart of Heswall. It’s the best of both worlds for people who want a contemporary, flexible, energy-efficient home without compromising on location.

Attention to detail characterises every apartment at Sandon Gardens. All homes are Secure by Design and offer high-spec Magnet kitchens and luxury bathrooms fitted with designer Porcenalosa tiles. Several properties also have Juliet balconies, making the rooms feel extra bright and airy.

Occupiers also benefit from designated car parking and secure bicycle storage on site; Heswall's town centre with its popular restaurants, shops and businesses is just a short walk away.


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Plot No. Beds House Type Rent Details

G101 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G102 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G103 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G105 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
F101 2 Apartment 200,000.00 Sold
7 2 Apartment 560.00 Let
F103 2 Apartment 200,000.00 Sold
9 2 Apartment with Juliet balcony 560.00 Let
10 2 Apartment 560.00 Let
S101 2 Apartment 210,000.00 Sold
G201 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G202 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G203 2 Apartment 175,000.00 Sold
G204 2 Apartment with double doors 175,000.00 Sold
G205 2 Apartment with double doors 175,000.00 Sold
G206 2 Apartment with double doors 175,000.00 Sold
F201 2 Apartment 200,000.00 Sold
22 2 Apartment 560.00 Reserved
23 2 Apartment 560.00 Let
24 2 Apartment with Juliet balcony 560.00 Let
25 2 Apartment with Juliet balcony 560.00 Let
F206 2 Apartment with Juliet balcony 200,000.00 Sold
27 3 Apartment 680.00 Let
28 2 Apartment 620.00 Reserved
29 2 Apartment 620.00 Reserved
S204 2 Apartment 280,000.00 Sold
14 2 Apartment with balcony 680.00 Let


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